Finding ‘your’ wedding style, that’s actually yours.

February 22, 2018

The emotions of a recently engaged newbie bride usually go from excitement to feeling  slightly overwhelmed. Where do you start to turn that Pinterest board into reality?

Firstly, think BIG!

The initial stage of planning is the dreamy stage, so budgets and reality simply do not exist right now (oh how dreamy that would be!) Grab an A3 page and jot everything down. Location – cosmopolitan city or beach wedding? The vibe, romantic rustic or black tie glam? 60 guests or 160 guests? Also if he wants to contribute and request a superhero themed wedding cake and water guns as guest favours, this is completely fine at this point. Do not stress, smile, play it cool, compromise and write it down (very faintly) onto your perfect wedding diagram!

Wake up! The dream is over and the bank is crying!

Time to get your highlighter out and point out the key features of what is actually important – obviously estimated guest numbers, location (home or abroad), maybe the peony bouquet you know you just have to have! This will hopefully start to narrow in your style, the more specific you get with your ideas, the clearer the vision. As much as I joked before, it is important to compromise – try and incorporate something that both you and your fiancé have in common as this will shape your style, maybe a romantic special place or a common interest? I once had a wedding who were both radiographers, so their tables were named after bones…(yes I’ve saw it all!)

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It transforms my brides into Blue Peter presenters overnight.

However it is a basic starting point to gather inspiration, but one of my top tips in wedding planning is never to rely on Pinterest. You can gather wedding inspiration from so many sources – that tulle skirt you saw in Zara or the wallpaper in the hotel ladies loos, take pictures of everything and create a mood board on your phone. (Top marks if you want to go ahead and print these to create an actual inspo pin board for the kitchen, this will be one wedding idea out of hundreds that will fall through!)

Palette of the day,

Grooms tend to hate me when I ask what the palette of the day is going to be – I guess I probably do sound like a tosser if you’re not in the world of weddings. However your palette is a unifying factor amongst everything – from invitations to bridesmaid dresses! You should always stick with one main colour and an accent colour and add greenery or neutral tones where needed. Alternatively the current trend is selecting analogous colours, so those which appear side by side, for example rose, blush, mauve and taupe.

ecdec739a8e27b147b54d276685b5509Magical Motifs,

I hands down fully love and support a motif. A motif is basically a specially designed icon for your wedding, kind of like a logo. The most popular motif is using initials and creating a pretty design with them. It adds a type of personal branding to the day and you can feature it on stationary, napkin bands or even your wedding cake. I feel they tie everything together, although don’t get carried away – use it in a maximum of 3/4 places otherwise your wedding will scream matchy matchy!

Voilà – I hope this helps put into prospective what is important to consider when attempting to identify your wedding style. It is important to spend a little time on this at the early stage of planning, adding the little personal elements which reflect you and your fiancé as a couple – as it really is the little things what will make your style and what your guests will remember. One last note, if anyone asks what your theme is? The theme is wedding, it’s your style that will make your wedding that little bit different.

Love, Jade x

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