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February 22, 2018

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Let’s see the diamond? So, when are you getting married? I guarantee this is how it goes.

When I am on appointments, it really surprises me how every couple is different, some hit me with the specific date they want, whilst others literally let me pick. It is definitely not worth overthinking, but there are a few things which are worth considering.

The average engagement at the moment is nearly 18 months long – which I think is the perfect time to check everything off your list – bearing in mind finding and ordering your wedding dress will take between 9 to 11 months.

I worked in a very popular wedding venue, so dates were high in demand. This meant that the bride who was adamant for a Saturday in June, has booked for 2021. (I genuinely blame the film ‘Bride Wars’ for the Saturday in June idea!) I understand couples need to save and perhaps buy a house in between, but I honestly think the longer you wait, the more money you spend as you forget about that photo booth you paid for 3 years ago at a Bridal Fayre.


Having a symbolic date does make it that little bit special, the date you first met or your parents wedding anniversary. Although sometimes that date could fall on a Monday, which crushes that idea. Go to wedding venue appointments with a few dates in mind and see what you can do with them.

Trending Thursdays

The majority of couples want a weekend which is understandable for many reasons. However the new weekend is Thursday & Friday – which allows you to continue the post wedding celebrations for either BBQ or perhaps a pizza & prosecco party! This also leaves a spare day for guests to travel home and prepare for the Monday back to work blues.

Friday & Saturday dates sell the easiest which is why they can be the most expensive (annoying I know!) However my biggest annoyance is couples falling in love with a venue and not meeting the required minimum guest numbers for a Saturday and suddenly inviting third cousins and their dog walker to make up their numbers. This is silly, guest list over venue every time! Your guests are important special people to you both, so you want to ensure they can attend, however it works both ways, would you take a Thursday off work to attend? I know I would, who would turn down a little long weekend?

Over the Holidays

Holidays are a perfect time for a wedding, as guests may be already off work and it’s always nice to have plans over a holiday period. Although you do need to take certain elements into consideration, if guests need to travel bear in mind flights will be more expensive in July rather than March. New Year’s Eve is a wonderful date for a wedding as it’s a guaranteed party for your guests! However entertainment will have supplements added, taxis dearer and most venues will not offer any wedding discounted accommodation. Even your floral bill might be a little more expensive for you’re getting married over Valentine’s week. It’s the simplest things you need to consider. However it’s worth checking with your venue how they treat holidays, as some venues will treat Easter Monday as a normal Monday, which means saving money and your guests are already off work, winner!

Every season is wedding season

I always say your chosen season sets the style and mood of the day. Choose your season accordingly. A Winter wedding definitely creates an opulence inspired sparkle to the day. Summer weddings are perfect for a relaxed outdoor ceremony and sundown cocktails. My personal favourite is a Fall wedding, mulled apple cider, pine cones and a rich wild bridal bouquet and finally if a Spring wedding is your thing, it will be a very pretty, pastel and fresh affair!

‘Pretty on stationery’

I am a total sucker for wedding stationary and as soon as I mention a date being ‘pretty on stationary‘, that is the point in which the groom will stare at me as if i’m a unicorn on gin. However, a ‘pretty date’ such as 18.08.18 doesn’t only top off your save the dates, invites and table plan – it also makes it an easy date to remember, so it basically benefits the groom. Yes, you can only imagine how often I have used this to get grooms on my side….such a people pleaser!

Love, JA / XO

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