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February 28, 2018

Like most girls, I am obsessed with stationery, anything pretty to make you feel organised is a winner for me. Ever walk into Paperchase and convince yourself you just really need that flamingo Sellotape dispenser in your life? Yep, that’s me.

So obviously I am going to have a complete love affair with wedding stationery. Brides can underestimate the amount of stationery required, so I thought a checklist idea could be helpful to make sure you haven’t left anything out, to avoid any last minute dents from the already overstretched budget.

Save the date

A vital notice to let your guests know when exactly the big day will be, so they can get their transport, babysitters and annual leave booked in! This is especially important for summer months, to avoid guests potentially being on their holidays.

‘Will you be my…’

It’s probably an insult to just be asked verbally to be a bridesmaid now. We need the show please. I love all the quirky ways to ask your bestie to be your bridesmaid. Ensure to include this in your stationery budget, as a personalised card is such a lovely keepsake.

The Wedding Invitation

The star of the show, although there are a lot of details you need to jam pack into this envelope. Firstly, the obvious – date, location and time. I always advise an itinerary as it gives guests a feel of the timeframe of the day, for example; ceremony, drinks reception, speeches, dinner, entertainment, evening buffet, sparkler send off, perhaps there is a post wedding BBQ. Basically us Northern Ireland folk like to know when we are getting fed – (it’s embarrassing!)

Directions and nearby accommodation is helpful, along with your RSVP cards, where guests can fill in their attendance status, meal choice (if your venue requires a pre-order) and dietary requirements. If you’re using an online wedding gift list, pop one of their cards in as well.

The Evening-Do Invitation

A smaller invitation, with the date, location and time (usually around 8.00pm) for guests to enjoy the evening celebrations. Details of your wedding gift list can also be included.

Order of service

This is used for the wedding service and will contain the schedule of the ceremony, including names of the bridal party and music. You can add your personal touches with perhaps bios of the bridal party, quotes and thanks to the parents.

Table Plan

Brides are becoming much more creative with table plan, this will sit at the entrance of the dining room for guests to see where they will be seated.

Place cards

These will correspond with your table plan and be set at each individual guest’s place setting. You can tie these in with your favours using a tag.

Table Numbers/Names

Most venues will provide table numbers, but I do think it’s nice to source these from your stationery company so everything ties in together. I advise nothing larger than A6 pieces of card as you don’t want these ruining your table and centrepiece styling.


The menu of the day will include either the course options or the set menu. You can place two menus on each table for guests to browse through. However I find menus are an easy way to style place settings, placed on a plate with perhaps a sprig of lavender – simple yet on trend.


Additional signage is something usually forgotten about until the week of the wedding, where you suddenly need a human skilled in Calligraphy at 11.30pm on a Tuesday to write on chalkboards. It’s nice to customise certain spots with signage, such as the guest book table, buffet choices, arrival drinks options and the loos. However there are now so many printable signs available online which are quick, easy and cost effective. Although I would advise getting a schedule of events for the day (similar to the invitations!), these are lovely set on an easel for guests to see.

Thank you cards

I love receiving thank you cards from my brides, I keep every single one in a file and when I’m feeling unmotivated or stressed I read them, immediate therapy! I think it’s sweet to include a wedding photo as it’s nice for guests to reminisce and adds that little extra personal touch. Also, write thank you cards as gifts come in to ensure the message is personal and you’re not thanking Margaret for the vase when she bought you a toaster, (oh how weddings are so glamorous – yet the wedding gift list not so much!)

I hope this is helpful to understand the volume of stationery required from the early days of planning. Use this checklist to make sure you have all of the essentials!

Love, Jade x

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