Table Plan Staples – Chalk, Mirror & Glass

February 28, 2018

Table plans are one of the elements that can really make a wedding stand out. Unfortunately guests will more than likely not remember the colour of ribbons on the chairs outlining the aisle or what the guest book looked like. However your table plan is something they will definitely pay attention to – they have to look at it to find their name after all! Sometimes you can get carried away thinking about your table plan options, but sometimes simple yet bold is all you need!


This seems to be the most popular table plan at the moment. Oversized chalkboards make such a statement, add flowers and ivy – you’re good to go! However unless you’re arty, this is not a DIY job. I recommend ‘Kathryn Sarah Design’ her work is beautiful! I actually planned Kathryn’s sister’s wedding, every board was absolute perfection and she even hand paints the floral detail! Check out her work below, both are from my previous, weddings which is so lovely to see.

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is my seat from them all?

A mirrored table plan is such a luxurious touch to any wedding and it can be executed in so many shapes and styles, chunky vintage frame or frameless? You can lean a giant mirror against a wall, hang it or set it on an easel, add pastel coloured flowers or greenery, stick card onto the mirror, write or use a vinyl sticker. No matter what styling you choose, a mirrored table plan will definitely be a glamourous feature at your reception.

Tip: if you are thinking of writing yourself:
  • Use a dry ease marker at first as it can be removed easily with a baby wipe should you make a mistake, it is then easy to go over with a Sharpie pen at the end so it will not scratch off.

Window Pane Glass

I love this rustic retro look, window panes are perfect for an outdoor relaxed wedding. You will also be glad to know they are a lot easier to write on, as you can place your printed table plan onto the back and trace it onto the front – tada! However if you don’t fancy writing, I think it’s just as nice to print onto nice paper and attach.

Love, JA / XO

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