DIY Hoops & Hanging Table Plans under £25

March 6, 2018

Table plans can work out pricey once you’re finished! Nine times out of ten I recommend using a pro for the job – so a stationery supplier or artist. However this is the more expensive option, as when a few guests announce they can no longer attend 3 days before the wedding, what do you do? Oh yes, arrange for everything to be reprinted – more pound signs than planned!

If you are bride-to-be planning with a strict budget spreadsheet onboard then I have the answer for you! Hanging & Floral Hoop table plans create such a whimsical look to the day and they are both extremely budget friendly, which is always a yay when it comes to anything wedding related. A little bit of DIY is required but hey – are you even planning a wedding if you don’t suddenly own a glue gun? The results are worth the effort and your spreadsheet will say thank you!


If you have the space for a hanging seating chart then why the hell not? A giant scroll hanging from the ceiling or maybe using a tree and hanging guests names from the branches – the options are endless! However I have a little one up my sleeve which you can create for under £25 – yes you can also underline that part when showing your fiancé,  even highlight if you want! Check you out, you money managing bride – you go girl!

How to DIY an easy, budget friendly hanging table plan:
  • Buy a clothes rail, these can be purchased at most homeware stores – such as Ikea, Argos and Amazon.
  • Print out the table cards yourself – size is dependant on how many tables you have, if it’s a big wedding with perhaps 10 tables use A6 card size, a smaller wedding maybe A5.
  • Punch holes in the cards and use different lengths of ribbon to tie to the rail.
  • Finally, arrange for your florist to dress.
  • Stare at it, smile and be chuffed with your table plan for under £25 – TADA!


Floral Hoops

Floral hoops started as backdrops, appeared as bouquets, so why not use one for your table plan, they look so delicate and romantic. Floral hoops can fit into any wedding season depending on what colours, shades and textures of flowers are used – no matter what style you go for, a floral hoop adds an idyllic boho touch to the day!

How to DIY a floral hoop table plan:
  • Buy a hula hoop – if you don’t like the colour, simply spray paint.
  • Get a selection of artificial flowers, greenery and berries (I used to completely disagree with fake flowers, but florists have so many amazing dupes now, so I’m now onboard!)
  • Select sections of the hoop to decorate, either top or bottom or a little on each diagonal side – you don’t want it to look too bushy!
  • Lie the hoop on the floor and begin bunching and setting the flowers into place.
  • Once your happy with the look, secure in place using wire.
  • Tie various lengths of ribbon from the top to hang your table cards from.
  • Voila! You can also use this after the wedding – place on a wall as a wreath!


Love, JA / XO

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