Easter Wedding Ideas

March 19, 2018

I always find Easter such a happy, vibrant season with fresh pastel colours, lighter evenings, oh and chocolate galore! The perfect combination for a wedding, and with most guests hopefully being off work – hello long wedding weekend!

Remember, the theme is always wedding. A key rule. However it is always nice to add a few seasonal touches to the day, however they need to be subtle and consistent throughout. If you are an Easter bride-to-be, here are some of my favourite Easter ideas which will hopefully provide some inspiration!


Finally a hint of colour is springing! Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to hold a bouquet of daffodils to scream the Easter vibes! However I do love the idea of incorporating pastel colours with tulips and softness using daisies and baby’s breath. Wrapping these simple bouquets in pastel coloured ribbon and keeping the length long to embrace the colour – one word, dreamy!

Bunny Napkin

This idea is the absolute sweetest and will definitely be a talking point when your guests have been seated. You can decide to just do this for the kid’s place settings if you wish, but just putting it out there, I would be absolutely gutted if I was seated next to a child who had their own bunny and I didn’t.

Egg Place Names

I think this is an ‘eggcellent’ idea! – (bravo, I’ve just used the most cliché pun of all time!) This is such a quirky, easy and cost efficient way to display your guests’ names. Something a little different and definitely something insta-worthy! You could also display in egg cups, which would double up as your guests’ favours.


Floral crates are beautiful to add decor anywhere, however they add a rustic woodland charm when used as a table centre. You can fill these with all of the seasonal flowers, stick in a sign to display the table number and maybe scatter a few colourful eggs throughout!

Egg wreaths have become a popular home decoration for Easter, however I personally think they look amazing as centrepieces placed at the base of a candelabra. Adding a few tea lights around the wreath will finish off the look!

What about using little twig trees on the centre of every table? You can then dress these with pretty hand painted eggs. Although I would advise not using trees on every table as sometimes the height can make the room look quite structured and a bit, well boring. It’s nice to have a split of two centrepieces to break up the room a little.

Also how adorable are tea lights in egg shells and dressing up an egg carton – it really is all about the detail!

Something for the little ones

Arranging activities for kids is always a good idea and it definitely goes a long way on the day! It’s worth setting a little something at their place setting to keep them entertained during speeches and the meal. I would also recommend setting up a kids station which can be used throughout the day and the evening. I personally love these little egg boxes which have been spray painted, labelled and wrapped in ribbon. Filling these with white eggs (either real or plastic) and some colouring pens is such a nice way to keep the kids entertained whilst enjoying the Easter festivities!

You could also think about arranging an Easter egg hunt, however this is a better idea for older kids who understand the concept. As I’m pretty sure no bridesmaid, no matter how much of a BFF, will want to conduct a children’s egg hunt on your wedding day.

Love, JA / XO



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