Jade Alexandra meets Stables Flower Company

June 6, 2018

I am a total sucker for flowers, they bring happiness into any day and brightness into any room. So I was delighted to arrange to meet with one of my favourite florists to talk all blossom and weddings.

I find when speaking with my brides, you are either on my page of floral obsession – you want it all, as much as your budget can stretch! or have the ‘it’s only for one day’ attitude – which I do get, however once you actually spend time looking into your floral options, I would find it tough to say no.

As you can imagine, I was in my absolute element meeting Jil, owner of ‘Stables Flower Company’, for coffee and chats, especially when she arrived with a posy of the most luxurious David Austin roses I have ever seen. I wish I could have captured the scent – it genuinely was simple luscious, organic rose. I feel like I’m cheating on my peony love affair, but I am now a fully converted rose lover!  Across the coffee shop I can imagine we looked like two overexcited teenagers swiping, drooling and ohh-ing over an iPad, little did they know it was of bouquets, arches and crowns.

Stables has always been one of my favourite florists in the North Coast, creating such stylish on-trend bouquets which are a statement on the day, but little did I know about the unbelievable experience Jil has within the floristry industry, and I use unbelievable for a reason.

To begin Jill’s incredible story, she trained at home in Cheshire, worked as Head Florist in a top hotel in Hong Kong aged 21, moved on to Japan, where she was creating floral displays for Chanel, and basically living the ultimate dream.

After moving on to Bermuda and spending 4 years working freelance in Tokyo, Jill thought it was about time to move back to England. Working alongside Jane Packer, who was the ultimate queen who revolutionised the florist industry, and getting headhunted to work for Lady Bamford, owner of the luxurious Daylesford Farm, really just tells us how talented Jil really is!

Don’t worry – I also sat with my jaw on the table in awe! If that life story hasn’t convinced you that you should just hand your floral dreams and duties over to Jil’s hands, she also represents Northern Ireland as a Chapel Designer. Google it – I promise you will end up spending an hour in floral heaven, your inspiration will be blown out of the water, and well, your wedding budget probably will be too…sorry!

Yep – told you! I could stare at these images all day. Floral installations are something which I encourage brides to become more confident with.  I adore ceiling hangings, especially a long arrangement overhanging the top table or a few floral hoops hanging over the dining room. Floral balls are also a favourite of mine, and of course the dreamy arches either at your church or venue – obviously Drenagh’s Moon Garden has the best moon gate for a floral arrangement, not that I’m biased of course!

One thing that Jil has taught me that completely changed my opinion was that orange can go a long way with wedding flowers – that will maybe be my first and last time using orange and wedding in the same sentence. But seriously, check out her work – she often uses orange tones alongside pinks and corals, and it’s just so rich, yet soft and luscious!

I cannot recommend Stables Flower Company enough, Jill is so talented and such a genuinely lovely person to deal with – which is just as important! As you can imagine, I see a lot of bouquets and flower arrangements, but her work is really something special – making me stop, stare and smell every time!

Brides-to-be, you can thank me later! Oh, and make sure to send me pictures of your dreamy bouquets!

Love, Jade x

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