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August 9, 2018

One of the reasons I started my blog, was to showcase the independent quirky wedding vendors we have in Northern Ireland and this lady is just that.

Everyone has a little bit of a love/hate relationship with social media at times – I know I do. However I love the opportunities, positivities and support it can bring. This is exactly the case for GMK Creations, a creative lady who is making the step to building  her own little business, doing something she loves and well – I am 100% behind her which is why I need to tell you all about her!

If you have been following me for a while, you will know I have a total love affair flowers, especially floral hoops and wreaths! A 2018 trend which I can see lasting for a while! I recommend them a lot to my brides as I feel they add so much to a space and are really versatile. However I struggled to find a supplier who specialises in them. Why not use your florist? You certainly can, however I find brides underestimate the amount of prep and work on the day your florist is already doing with bouquets, button holes, ceremony venue, table centrepieces, top table styling, thank you bouquets – the list is endless. Brides can also underestimate the price of large fresh floral hoops.

So this is why I am delighted to now have GMK to make all my floral hoop dreams come true!

Who is GMK Creations?

Geraldine is from just outside Garvagh and is currently working as a special needs classroom assistant. She has been been assisting the same little boy for over 10 years years – I really admire people with these careers, as it really does take someone special.

I first met Geraldine at a workshop event held by the queenie of Instagram – BlosssomingBirds. We kept in touch via Instagram where I got to follow her daily life, her fashion (we share a BBF called Zara!), and this is how I spied her creativity…

What does GMK do?

Geraldine hand creates floral hoops, wreaths and frames which can be used in so many ways at your wedding. Using a mixture of artificial and fresh flowers adds a delicate, yet quirky touch to your wedding style. They are definitely the latest trend and I delighted that I can recommend a fantastic lady for the job!

GMK specialises in floral photo stations, which I think is such a great idea – as lets face it, we love the photo idea, but photo booths are a trend which is slowly fading – an expensive trend at that! Most brides are opting for the guestbook/polaroid camera duo, which works a treat. However having an actual floral frame for guests to stand behind, just adds that little extra touch.

GMK has handmade some beautiful frames which are now available to hire. The details;

  • £200 hire fee
  • Geraldine will deliver and set up at your venue and collect the following day – hassle free!

You can contact Geraldine at GMK Creations directly via her Instagram page with any queries. Bespoke frames, wreaths and hoops can be made on request, including a various range of sizes, colours and flowers.

As much as GMK specialises in floral hoops for photo stations, I think floral hoops can be so versatile. I have included 3 of my favourite ideas below to hopefully give you some inspiration.


If you know me, you know I love cake! I hate when the cake is missed, it also need to be a little star on the day. Using a floral hoop to highlight the cake area is such a good idea to highlight the area.


Signage is a must at a wedding, something which can be easily forgot about. Welcome signs, order of the day, table plans – the list goes on. I love how simple yet effective  these are, especially the black board against the blush…adore!


Circle top tables are becoming more and more popular, it’s nice being amongst your guests. However lets face it, it’s your wedding day – your table still needs to stand out. I usually use alternative glassware, napkins or something a little different to indicate this, however floral chandeliers are perfect for the job! Banquet style tables? Hang a few hoops from the ceiling above them. Traditional long top table? Pin 3 hoops onto your backdrop, adds a touch of colour and foliage.

I could talk about flowers and hoops forever, so I will wrap this up. I really hope some of my lovely brides get in touch with GMK Creations, so we can incorporate them into their day. They are definitely on trend and I couldn’t recommend a more lovely lady for the job!

Love, Jade x

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