Break the rules. Cut the cake.

This is a tip which I think works ridiculously well, however when I suggest it to couples at planning meetings the reaction can be a bit of a lucky dip! It’s not for everyone, some people just like tradition and that’s totally OK!

Your wedding cake. It’s important, it’s expensive, you will spend time designing it, tasting flavors,  you will probably pay for your florist to dress it. So why hide it in the corner of a dining room?

How many times have you attended a wedding and missed the cutting of the cake? Or perhaps watched it from afar so you didn’t really acknowledge any of the detail that went into it.

This is why I always suggest for brides to display and cut their cake during the arrival drinks reception. Why?

  • You can create a feature display of the cake, making it a talking point for guests and allows them to take photos etc.
  • It’s the first thing you do together as a married couple – aww!
  • You can place it in an area where it’s a nice photo opportunity. For example, if you’re a Drenagh bride – we can place it at the bottom of the staircase, meaning you get ‘that’ photo!
  • Why pay your venue to provide scones, canapes and sandwiches when you have paid hundreds of pounds for a cake? Your guests are always peckish at this stage, cut it and serve it – there will always be enough cake left for the evening supper and for you to take home!

I feel like I am on The Apprentice doing a pitch – ha! Just an idea which from experience works I feel works really well!

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