Jade Alexandra meets The Teepee Tribe

I absolutely love this concept, there definitely was a gap for alternative wedding ideas for kids and this one is just the sweetest! I’m so glad I discovered and met this lovely lady at The Quirky Wedding Fair.

I always say a wedding isn’t a wedding without little ones running around – I don’t know why, it just feels right. After all it is a family affair! However weddings are a loooong day for anyone, never mind kids!

This is where the tribe comes into play with their kiddies lounge concept! They offer the most adorable little set up for your tiny wedding guests to keep them amused during the late afternoon/evening hours of the day.

The set up consists of individual teepee’s which are just the cutest little things! You can choose from selection of styles, my personal favourite is the ‘Sweet Dream Tribe’, but I also love ‘The Mermaid Tribe’, and of course ‘The Unicorn Tribe’- you can check them all out here.

Every single aspect of your wedding will be thought through – lets face it, we want everything to be pretty! Each lounge set up includes the bunting, fairy lights and lantern accessories – which is perfect as it will tie in neatly with your venue. Each child will also get their own personalised activity pack and a sweetie selection. Perfect for them to chill out and watch a film on their iPad in their private little teepee – allowing the parents to let their hair down on the dance floor!

Prices range from £240 which is inclusive of set up and delivery. You can find out more via their website which I have linked. They can also be hired for sleepovers and birthday parties!

Love, Jade x

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