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February 4, 2019

I still feel like I am living on cloud 9 and this is still a dream, however getting to share it with you all is making the reality set in fast. I am SOOO excited for my new venture, a little nervous too, but excitement is definitely taking over!

After spending the last 4 years in the wedding industry as a Wedding Planner, I have learnt a lot of the tricks of the trade, met the dreamiest of brides and worked with some of the most talented suppliers in the country. However I felt 2019 was my year – the year to not just chase dreams, but work my little ass off to make them a reality!

After speaking with so many brides, I often learnt that their dress experience was a little, well…underwhelming. This genuinely breaks my heart as each and every bride deserves their moment and the service to go along with this! So this is where I plan to kinda change the game a little…

So what is the plan? Well, think dreamy unique designers and absolute goals interior, eek!  The keys are collected and major work begins pronto! I don’t want to give an estimated opening time, as there is a lot of building work to be done – so delays could arise. However I promise to keep you all updated with the journey, you can follow my new business Instagram account here.

The designers I have confirmed – I’m sorry but, OH MY GOD! They are incredible, mainly Australian! I am genuinely obsessed with each and every dress I have bought. I wanted to ensure the collections I have in the studio are unlike anywhere else, offering gowns for the modern luxe bride. With regards to styling, I have covered a range – from bohemian embellishment & tulle to sleek sexy silhouettes. Accessories are gonna play a biggie in the studio…ok ok I need to stop or I’m going to give too much away!

Thank you to everyone who have sent me kind supportive messages, even if you have just taken the time to read this – THANK YOU! Without you, I genuinely wouldn’t be about to live my dream, my doubts and insecurities would have built up – but I am so fortunate to have such incredible people around me – from my friends, family and social media following, each and every one of you are fabulous!

& remember my 2019 motto – ‘if your dreams don’t scare you, they ain’t big enough!’

Love, Jade x

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